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Is that how it's spelled?

The name Chichen is derived from the mystical beast and progeny of fabled dinosaurs. Yes! the chicken is an overpowered creature giving us the tastiest of sandwiches. It's hard to top that, but the name needs some work right? CHICHEN has got the alliteration few poets can match and a ring fit for the gods.


Chichen Studios is a nonprofit unlisted LLC funded by generous donors from all over the world! We strive to follow the whims of a teenager's hobbies.


You gotta love the craft of woodworking. That's why this site exists to share the love of woodworking designs and ideas to help you improve your craft.

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White Oak Coffee Table

Walnut Coffee Table Corner

Walnut Coffee Table Front

Walnut Coffee Table Side

Woodworking Square Template

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Table Leg Design

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Feel free to never contact me at any time ever in my life unless you want to pay me large sums of money.


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